Reavers of Harkenwold

Ilyana's Plight
Encounter E1

“You arrive in Harkenwold in the middle…..” A brave battle at Ilyana’s farmhouse where Shane was the hero of the day. A single attack from the party warlock wiped out four enemies at once.

Not much variation from the party, yet a fun encounter still.

The party has moved on the Albridge from here.

Welcome to Dragon Fodder!
The Dice are Killing Me!

The new year saw a refreshed and organized party with a whole new set of rules. We changed to the D&D Essentials 4e books and a sigh of relief was heard across the table. Finally some simplification in the game.

We also started a “treasure chest” fund. This was started by everyone kicking in $5 to a pool and “Treasure” would be bought by the GM from that pool and given to one or more players at the completion of the adventure. WOOT! Real LOOT!

Our first adventure is, appropriately “Reavers of Harkenwood” the adventure included with the Dungeon Masters Kit for Essentials. Not overly exciting, it is well documented and fun, though we have not got far.


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